Davina Michelle

Davina Michelle, whose real name is Michelle Davina Hoogendoorn, is a Dutch singer and songwriter. She gained widespread attention through her YouTube channel, where she posted cover versions of popular songs. One of her cover videos, a rendition of P!nk’s “What About Us,” went viral in the Netherlands and caught the attention of the public and music industry professionals.

In 2017, Davina Michelle gained further recognition by participating in the Dutch television program “Beste Zangers” (Best Singers), where she showcased her vocal talent by performing covers of songs by fellow artists. Her performances on the show received critical acclaim and helped propel her to stardom.

Following her success on “Beste Zangers,” Davina Michelle released her original single “Duurt Te Lang” in 2018, which became a massive hit in the Netherlands, topping the charts for several weeks and earning her widespread acclaim. She has since released several more singles and her debut album “My Own World” in 2020.

Davina Michelle’s music is characterized by her powerful vocals, emotional delivery, and catchy pop melodies. She continues to be one of the most prominent and promising talents in the Dutch music scene.