Krezip is a Dutch pop rock band that was formed in 1997 in Tilburg, Netherlands. The band gained prominence in the early 2000s with their hit single “I Would Stay” and became well-known for their energetic live performances and catchy, emotional songs. Here are some key points about Krezip:

  1. Formation and Early Years: Krezip was formed by lead vocalist Jacqueline Govaert, her brother Joost Govaert (drums), and their friends. The band quickly gained a following in the local music scene.
  2. Breakthrough: Their debut album, “Nothing Less,” released in 2000, included the hit single “I Would Stay,” which propelled them to national fame in the Netherlands. The album went on to achieve multi-platinum status.
  3. Subsequent Albums: Following their initial success, Krezip released several more albums, including “Days Like This” (2002), “What Are You Waiting For?” (2005), and “Plug It In” (2007). Each of these albums showcased the band’s evolving sound, from pop rock to more polished pop influences.
  4. Hiatus: In 2009, Krezip announced they were disbanding after a farewell tour. Their final concert took place on June 27, 2009, at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.
  5. Reunion: In 2019, the band reunited to perform at the Pinkpop Festival, marking their return to the music scene. They subsequently released new music, including the single “Lost Without You.”
  6. Musical Style: Krezip’s music is characterized by melodic hooks, emotional lyrics, and Jacqueline Govaert’s distinctive voice. Their style has ranged from rock to pop, with influences from various genres.
  7. Impact and Legacy: Krezip has had a significant impact on the Dutch music scene, with a strong fan base and numerous awards and accolades. Their reunion was met with enthusiasm from fans old and new.

Krezip continues to perform and release new music, maintaining their place as an influential band in the Netherlands’ music history.

The original drummer of Krezip is Bram van den Berg who is temporary joining the legendary rock band U2 as a touring drummer.

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