Chef’Special is a Dutch band that blends a variety of musical genres including rock, reggae, hip-hop, and funk. Formed in 2008 in Haarlem, the band has garnered a strong following both in the Netherlands and internationally due to their eclectic sound and energetic live performances.

### Band Members
– **Joshua Nolet** – Vocals
– **Guus van der Steen** – Guitar and Vocals
– **Jan Derks** – Bass
– **Wouter Heeren** – Keyboards
– **Wouter Prudon** – Drums

### Music Style and Influence
Chef’Special is known for their genre-blending style, which incorporates elements of rock, reggae, hip-hop, and funk. Their music often features lively rhythms, catchy melodies, and a blend of both rap and singing vocals, creating a unique and dynamic sound.

### Notable Songs and Albums
– **”In Your Arms”**: One of their most well-known songs, which gained international recognition and topped various music charts.
– **”Amigo”**: The title track from their 2017 album, known for its upbeat tempo and positive lyrics.
– **”Try Again”**: A popular single that showcases the band’s ability to mix introspective lyrics with an infectious rhythm.
– **Albums**: Notable albums include “Passing Through” (2014) and “Amigo” (2017), both of which have received critical acclaim and commercial success.

### Live Performances
Chef’Special is renowned for their high-energy live shows, which often feature elaborate stage setups and enthusiastic crowd interactions. They have performed at numerous festivals and venues around the world, including notable appearances at Pinkpop and Lowlands in the Netherlands, and touring with bands like Twenty One Pilots in the United States.

### Achievements
– **Awards**: The band has received several awards in the Dutch music scene, including 3FM Awards.
– **Chart Success**: Their albums and singles have consistently charted in the Netherlands, and they have built a significant international fan base through their tours and music releases.

### Conclusion
Chef’Special continues to be a significant force in the music world with their genre-fusing style and captivating live performances. Their ability to seamlessly integrate different musical influences has earned them a loyal following and critical acclaim, making them a standout act in the contemporary music scene.