Son Mieux

Son Mieux is a Dutch indie-pop band led by singer-songwriter Camiel Meiresonne. The band’s name translates to “His Best” in French. Son Mieux’s music is characterized by catchy melodies, emotive lyrics, and a blend of electronic and acoustic elements.

Formed in The Hague in 2013, Son Mieux quickly gained attention with their debut single “Even.” The song’s success helped establish the band’s reputation for crafting heartfelt and introspective pop songs. They followed up with singles like “Easy” and “Ride,” further solidifying their place in the Dutch indie music scene.

Son Mieux released their debut EP, “Vice Versa,” in 2016, showcasing their knack for crafting memorable hooks and thoughtful songwriting. Their sound is often compared to artists like The xx and Bastille, blending electronic beats with organic instrumentation.

Since their formation, Son Mieux has toured extensively, performing at festivals and venues across the Netherlands and beyond. They continue to release new music and attract fans with their sincere and infectious indie-pop sound.