Level 42

Level 42 is a British band formed in 1979, known for their distinctive blend of pop, rock, jazz, and funk music. The band’s original lineup included Mark King (bass, vocals), Mike Lindup (keyboards, vocals), Phil Gould (drums), and Boon Gould (guitar). They gained prominence in the 1980s with a string of hit singles and albums.

Level 42’s music is characterized by Mark King’s slap bass technique, catchy melodies, and sophisticated arrangements. Their sound evolved over the years, blending elements of pop, funk, jazz fusion, and electronic music.

Some of their most well-known songs include “Lessons in Love,” “Something About You,” “Running in the Family,” and “It’s Over.” These songs became international hits, earning Level 42 a dedicated fan base around the world.

Throughout their career, Level 42 has released numerous albums and toured extensively, showcasing their musical prowess and dynamic live performances. While their commercial success peaked in the 1980s, they have continued to release new music and perform live, maintaining their status as one of the most influential bands in the British music scene.